Development opportunities in Germany


pbi_logoPeace Brigades International is a human rights organization that accompanies human rights defenders through international volunteer teams in conflict areas, creating spaces for peace. In addition to volunteering for a PBI project, you can get involved in one of the regional or working groups.


friedenskoop_logoNetwork of the German Peace Movement (Netzwerk Friedenkooperative) is an informal umbrella organization of peace and human rights groups. It is an important hub and coordination point for extra-parliamentary action and “bottom-up policy”.



downloadBUND is involved, e.g. for organic agriculture and healthy food, for climate protection and the development of renewable energies, for the protection of threatened species, the forest and water. Nationwide, there are over 2,000 voluntary BUND groups that directly tackle the issues that are important in their region.

logoNABU is one of Germany’s largest environmental organization and is committed to ensuring that future generations will find a liveable earth for the protection of diverse habitats and species as well as for good air, clean water, healthy soils and the careful use of finite resources.


Refugee + Migration

download Willkommen bei Freunden: Often helpers and initiatives find each other only after a long search. With the “Welcome to friends” app, it becomes easier to get active for refugees.


logo_wegweiser Wegweiser Bürgergesellschaft Given the large number of arrivals, in 2015 a large movement of self-organized welcome initiatives emerged. There are many such local volunteer initiatives listed on the map of Signpost Civil Society (Wegweiser Bürgergesellschaft).


logo The VOICE Refugee Forum is an independent network of political refugee activists. Founded in 1994 in a former camp in Mühlhausen in Thüringen as exile organisation (The VOICE Africa Forum), The VOICE nowadays supports and promotes the empowerment of refugees and the self-organisation of refugee groups nationwide




download (4)Weltladen Dachverband Worldshops (Weltläden) aim to contribute to greater fairness in trade relations between the countries of the Global South and the North. To achieve this goal, Worldshops sell Fair Trade products, participate in political campaigns and provide information and education on fair trade issues.


Development / Global Education

wus-logoThe World University Service (WUS) is an international non-governmental organisation which is politically and denominationally neutral. Since 1920 the WUS supports students and academics in higher education institutions. WUS Germany takes part in national and international campaigns in the educational and development cooperation sector, offers consulting and carries out scholarship programmes as well as projects.



The World University Service’s Global Learning portal provides an overview of educational materials for development education and event offerings in this area.


download (2)Mangoes & bullets is for anyone wishing to engage with racism and other systems of domination, and looking for inspiration for resistance and alternatives. It offers, inter alia, films, songs and poems, and, as well, information on campaigns and political activism.


download (1) Bildungsagenten Educational agents collect the creative action ideas, methods and workshop concepts of former volunteers.



Social justice

download (1)Helpto: No matter if you want to help others or you are looking for support yourself: with “help to” you can find projects, places and consulting offers in your area and you can search or offer material donations.


helferkompassimage offers an overview of opportunities for social engagement in Germany.






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