Development opportunities in the Czech Republic



greencircle_logoZelený kruh – Green Circle is an association of 26 important ecological NGOs in the Czech Republic. In cooperation with other NGOs, the association is also engaged in development issues, climate protection, conditions for the existence and funding of NGOs and transparent funding from the structural funds.

Automat_logoAuto*Mat association promotes better environment for a good-quality life in the Czech cities. The organisation supports public, pedestrian and bicycle traffic as well as the rational use of cars.

hnuti_logoHnutí Brontosaurus is a group of predominantly young people under 26 who are not indifferent to the world in which they live. The Brontosaurus Movement organises educational courses, ecological consultations as well as weekend events and summer camps in both the Czech Republic and abroad. Everyone who wants to be a member of organisation can take part in the activities of one of the 30 core units that operate in the whole Czech Republic, or become a member, a volunteer, or a supporter of the Brontosaurus Movement.



OPU_logoOrganization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) is non-profit and non-state organisation and its main activities include providing free legal and social counselling to applicants for international protection and to other foreigners in the Czech Republic. Accompany with organising training programmes for both professionals and the general public, and other activities aimed at promoting integration of foreigners. OPU is looking for volunteers for one-off events (trips, campaigns, translations) and long-term cooperation, legal assistance pro bono, psychological interventions, management consulting, social assistance to refugees and foreigners, project writing and addressing public.



nazemi_logoNaZemi, a Czech non-governmental organisation, integrates global education into the Czech educational system, promotes both corporate accountability in the supply chain, and Fair Trade as an effective form of support to farmers and producers from countries in the Global South.

arpok_logoARPOK mission is to provide global development education and to raise awareness about development issues among pupils, teachers and the general public thereby contributing to the development of civil society in the Czech Republic and abroad. ARPOK offers, for example, educational programmes, discussions about developing countries and consultations concerning the implementation of global topics into school curriculum.



fors_logoFoRS – Czech Forum for Development Cooperation – is a platform of Czech non-governmental non-profit organizations and other non-profit entities that are involved in development cooperation, development education and humanitarian aid. The vision of FoRS is the world where there exist conditions for dignified life, and where human rights, as well as the principles of sustainable development, are promoted. In 2003, FoRS became one of the founding members of CONCORD – the European Confederation of NGOs for Humanitarian Aid and Development. CONCORD is the umbrella association of national platforms and a network of NGOs from EU countries, which together represent more than 1600 NGOs.


People in Need strives for a society that is open, informed, engaged and responsible with respect to problems at home and around the world. People in Need is one of the biggest non-profit organisations in Central Europe, and, in addition to humanitarian aid and human rights, it also targets education


fftd_logoFotbal pro rozvoj – Football for the Development, uses so called football 3 as a tool for education and development. The project Football for Development is home in INEX-SDA and creates a wide platform in Czech Republic which’s ambition is to connect a number of initiatives, programs and organizations under one common flag, with the same goal – use football for good purposes.




NESEHNUTÍ is a social and ecological non-governmental organisation, which works principally on the basis that ecological and social problems have shared causes and consequences which must be resolved. The organisation has several programmes and campaigns, like “The Initiative Way” and ”Women’s Rights are Human Rights”.

mostprotibet_logoMOST ProTibet non-profit organisation is engaged in development cooperation and humanitarian aid in the Indian Himalayas and Tibet. Organisation supports education and improves the living conditions of children, nomads, Tibetan refugees and the elderly. Volunteers in Czech Republic, for example, help to organise cultural and educational events or take part in a promotion of projects.



Cesta domů provides registered health and social services, free information on how to take care of a terminally ill patient as well as runs a library specializing in palliative care, publishes books on end-of-life related issues and takes part in educational activities.The organisation promotes the idea of a dignified end of life.




UmSemUmTam_logoUm sem um tam is a web platform where non-profit organizations and online volunteers meet. In Um sem um tam, NGOs can look for virtual online volunteers to help with their work, e.g. translation, web design, legal advice, fundraising and many other. It is a perfect opportunity for those who prefer to volunteer from time to time from their home.


mladiinfo_logoMladi!nfo CR is a non-governmental non-profit organisation, a Czech branch of Mladi!nfo International network. Organisation inspires young people to step out of their comfort zones, reach their full potential and become active citizens. Mladi!nfo CR informs about education, job, volunteering, travelling and other opportunities for young people.



Tamjdem connects volunteers and non-profit organisations by organising workcamps and weekend volunteering in Czech Republic. Tamjdem strives for an active and responsible civil society. Organisation has several local partners all over the Czech Republic.



HESTIA – Centrum pro dobrovolnictví / The Centre for Volunteering, is a Czech non-profit organisation, which mission is to promote and develop volunteering in Czech republic.


72_logo72 hodin – 72 hours is a three-day-long project full of voluntary activities.Project is organised by the Czech Council of Children and Youth. Aim is to engage as many young people as possible and show them that „little is enough to do a lot altogether!“, to persuade them that they alone are capable to change things they do not like, to learn them how to cooperate and to perceive the world around them. Another aim is to strengthen relations in local communities and create values and motivation for meaningful spending of leisure time. Create your own volunteering event or take part in any offered on the website!

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